Hospital Catering and Patient Nutrition

The Auditor General for Wales published his report Hospital Catering and Patient Nutrition in March 2011. He found that hospital catering services in Wales have improved since 2002, but that more needs to be done to improve nutritional care for hospital patients.


The Fourth Assembly Public Accounts Committee undertook an inquiry into this issue. That Committee was pleased to see that improvements have been made since hospital catering was last the subject of a performance audit in 2002. That Committee was disappointed that a wide variation in the costs, planning and delivery of catering services across NHS organisations in Wales persists, especially when the importance of good nutrition in supporting patient’ recovery is well accepted by the Welsh Government and reflected in its policy objectives.


The Auditor General published a follow-up memorandum (PDF 509KB) in September 2016 which the Committee considered on 19 September 2016. From that discussion, the Committee undertook a short follow-up inquiry and published its Report in March 2017. The Committee monitored the implementation of the Report recommendations and received regular updates from the Welsh Government. The implementation of the final recommendations was completed in November 2019.


Example (PDF 618KB) of a menu at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board


Passage of the inquiry


The following table sets out the dates and contents of each of the evidence-gathering sessions during the inquiry.


Evidence Session

Date, agenda and Minutes



1. Health Boards

Lynda Williams –Cwm Taf UHB

Anthony Hayward – Cwm Taf UHB

Rhiannon Jones –Powys Teaching Health Board

Helen Ward - Aneurin Bevan UHB

Colin Phillpott - Aneurin Bevan UHB

17 October 2016

Read transcript of Evidence Session 1 (PDF 387KB)

Watch Evidence Session 1 on Senedd TV

2. Welsh Government

Dr Andrew Goodall

Professor Jean White

17 October 2016

Read transcript of Evidence Session 2 (PDF 387KB)

Watch Evidence Session 2 on Senedd TV


Watch Lee Waters talking about the report’s findings


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First published: 16/08/2016