Inquiry into value for money of Motorway and Trunk Road Investment

The Fourth Assembly Public Accounts Committee undertook an inquiry into the value for money of motorway and trunk road investment. The inquiry was generated by that Committee to consider value for money in:

  • day to day trunk road maintenance and improvement; and
  • the delivery of major trunk road improvements.

As part of the inquiry the Committee considered:

  • whether the Welsh Government’s approach to delivery of major trunk road projects provides value for money including:
    • the effectiveness of Welsh Government planning and costing of schemes
    • the approach to project delivery and evaluation of projects; and
    • how the Welsh Government could improve its approach to planning and delivery of schemes.
  • the extent to which the current approach to routine maintenance and improvement of the network via Trunk Road Agents has delivered value for money; and
  • how the maintenance and improvement functions delivered by the Trunk Road Agents can be improved, in the context of the on-going Welsh Government review of these agents.

The previous Committee recommended in its Legacy Report, that its successor Committee seeks an update from the Welsh Government in autumn 2016 on the implementation of the Committee’s recommendations and liaises with the successor to the Enterprise and Business Committee over any plans for further scrutiny of this topic.


The Committee considered and noted the Welsh Government update in November 2016.

Business type: Other

Status: Complete

First published: 16/08/2016