Welsh Government budget

The Welsh Government must lay its draft budget for the next financial year before the Senedd to allow scrutiny of its proposals by the Finance Committee. Other Senedd Committees may also consider the draft budget before it is finalised. The Senedd Research Service has produced a Quick Guide on the budget process in Wales (PDF, 163KB).


The Welsh Government may vary its final budgets by publishing one or more supplementary budgets to be scrutinised by the Finance Committee ahead of a motion for them to be approved by the Senedd.


The Senedd and the Welsh Government have agreed a budget protocol (PDF, 310KB) for the principles underpinning this budget process.


All information in relation to the Finance Committee’s scrutiny of the Welsh Government’s draft budgets and supplementary budgets can be found below:


Draft Budget for 2021-22

Draft Budget for 2020-21

Draft Budget for 2019-20

Draft Budget for 2018-19

Draft Budget for 2017-18

Draft Budget for 2016-17 (scrutinised by the Fourth Assembly Finance Committee)


Business type: Budget Scrutiny

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 20/07/2016