Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee Reports - Fifth Senedd

Reports published by the Economy, Infrastructure and skills Committee can be accessed using the links below.


Committee Reports

Publication Date

Fifth Senedd Legacy Report

March 2021

Remote Working: Implications for Wales


Remote working report: Dr Darja Reuschke

Remote working report: Professor Alan Felstead

March 2021

Long-term recovery from COVID-19 (PDF 1,719 KB)

March 2021

Degree Apprenticeships (PDF 1MB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 451 KB)

November 2020

Decarbonisation of transport (PDF 2,757KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 146KB)


July 2020

The Impact of COVID-19: Skills – early findings (PDF 106KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 471KB)

June 2020

The Impact of COVID-19: Summary of initial findings (PDF 206KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 778KB)

June 2020

Barriers facing small home building firms (PDF 170 KB)


Welsh Government response (232 KB)


April 2020

Procurement in the Foundational Economy (PDF 1MB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 491 KB)



Access to Banking (PDF 1MB)


Infographic on Access to Banking (PDF 117KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 338KB)

October 2019

Regional Skills Partnerships (PDF 1,577KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 402KB)

October 2019

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (PDF 1,173KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 381KB)

October 2019

Improving Public Transport: Committee Response to Welsh Government White Paper (PDF 192KB)

June 2019

Compulsory Purchase (PDF 468KB)

·         Welsh Government response (PDF 460KB)

June 2019

The Future Development of Transport for Wales (PDF 687KB)



Research and Innovation in Wales (PDF 557KB)



Autumn Rail Disruption (PDF 534KB)

March 2019

Mobile Action Plan Update (PDF 565KB)

January 2019

The State of Roads in Wales (PDF 1MB)

October 2018

Selling Wales to the World (PDF 1.5MB)

September 2018

Industry 4.0 – the future of Wales (PDF 1MB)

August 2018

Apprenticeship Levy: one year on (PDF 3MB)

August 2018

Pre-appointment hearing – Preferred Candidate for Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (PDF 628KB)

June 2018

Post Legislative Scrutiny of the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 (PDF 1MB)

June 2018

Enterprise Zones. Boldly going? (PDF 703KB)

May 2018

Apprenticeships in Wales (PDF 1.4MB)

February 2018

Town centre regeneration: 5 years on (PDF 170KB)

February 2018

City Deals and the Regional Economies of Wales (PDF 1MB)

November 2017

Digital Infrastructure in Wales (PDF 681KB)

September 2017

Taming the traffic: The impact of congestion on bus services (PDF 547KB)

July 2017

On the right track? The Rail Franchise and South Wales Metro (PDF 1 MB)

June 2017

The Apprenticeship Levy in Wales (PDF 751 KB)

March 2017

National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (PDF 576KB)

January 2017

Business rates in Wales (PDF 1MB)

November 2016


Reports on Legislative Consent Memoranda considered by the Committee

Publication Date

Legislative Consent Memorandum Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief From Non-Domestic Rates) Bill (PDF 61KB)

October 2017


Reports on Welsh Government Draft Budgets

Publication Date

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2018-19 (PDF 248KB)

December 2017

Correspondence to the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport on the Welsh Government Draft Budget 2018-19 and Economic Action Plan (PDF 96KB)

January 2018

Correspondence to the then Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport on the Welsh Government Draft Budget 2019-20 ­(PDF 365KB)


January 2019

Correspondence to the then Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning on the Welsh Government Draft Budget 2019-20 (PDF 217 KB)


January 2019

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2020/21 (PDF 184KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 539KB)

January 2020

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2021/22 (PDF 139KB)


Welsh Government response (PDF 507KB)

January 2021


Committee Bulletins

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First published: 28/06/2016