Subordinate legislation subject to the negative procedure - Fifth Senedd

The role of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee* is to consider and report on subordinate legislation laid before the Senedd.


Most subordinate legislation made by the Welsh Ministers is subject to the negative procedure. This procedure provides that, after the Welsh Ministers have exercised their power to make subordinate legislation, they must lay the subordinate legislation before the Senedd. The Senedd then has a period of 40 days to object to the subordinate legislation. If the Senedd does not object, then the subordinate legislation continues to have effect (it ‘continues’ to have effect because the subordinate legislation will have automatically taken effect as soon as it was made available to the public). If the Senedd does object, then the subordinate legislation is annulled and nothing further can be done under the subordinate legislation.


* Following a resolution in Plenary on 29 January 2020, the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee became the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee.

Type: For information

First published: 15/06/2016