Inquiry into energy policy and planning in Wales

The National Assembly for Wales’ Environment and Sustainability Committee undertook an inquiry into energy policy and planning in Wales.  The terms of reference for the review were as follows:



    • what are the implications for Wales if responsibility for consenting major onshore and offshore energy infrastructure projects remains a matter that is reserved by the UK Government?
    • how does this affect achievement of the Welsh Government’s aspirations for various forms of renewable and low carbon energy as set out in the Energy Policy Statement?
    • how does this affect delivery of the Welsh Government’s target for a 3 per cent reduction in Green House Gas emissions per annum from 2011?
    • what will be the impact if consenting decisions on major infrastructure projects and associated development are not all taken in accordance with Welsh planning policy?


Alongside these questions, the Committee also considered the two petitions about Welsh Government planning guidance as it relates to onshore wind energy and the impact on local communities and infrastructure.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Status: Complete

First published: 19/04/2013