P-04-638 Emergency Services - Power of Entry

To seek the provision of a legislative power of entry for the Ambulance Service, which would allow its employees, when acting in the lawful execution of their duty, to force entry to property for the purpose of saving life and limb.


Additional Information

Under current legislation, the Fire Service may force entry to property under section 44 Fire and Rescue Services Act and the Police likewise under Section 17 Police & Criminal Evidence Act. The Ambulance Service does not have the protection of such legislation and, for example, may attend an emergency call only to find a casualty lying on the floor of a secure premise. The Ambulance Service must then request Police attendance to exercise its power of entry under Section 17 PACE. This position extends the time before assistance can be offered to the casualty and is a injudicious use of public resources.


Petition raised by: Mr Fran Richley 


Date petition first considered by Committee: 16 June 2015


Number of signatures: 67 Online signatures

Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: For consideration

First published: 04/06/2015