Local Government (Wales) Act 2015

A Government Bill, introduced by Leighton Andrews AM, Minister for Public Services. The Business Committee remitted the Bill to the Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee.


About the Bill


The provisions of the Local Government (Wales) Bill intended to allow for certain preparatory work to enable a programme of local government mergers and reform and included provisions to facilitate the voluntary early merger of two or more Principal Local Authorities by April 2018. The Bill amends existing legislative provision in the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 (relating to the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales and the survey of councillors and unsuccessful candidates) and the Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013 (relating to electoral reviews). 


Current Stage


The Local Government (Wales) Act 2015 became law in Wales (external websites) on 25 November 2015.


Record of Passage in the National Assembly for Wales


The following table sets out the dates for each stage of the Bill’s passage through the National Assembly for Wales.





Bill introduced: 26 January 2015


Local Government (Wales) Bill, as introduced (PDF 177KB)


Explanatory Memorandum (PDF 929KB)


Presiding Officer’s statement on legislative competence: 26 January 2015 (PDF 126KB)


Statement of Policy Intent (PDF 1MB)


Welsh Glossary: Local Government (Wales) Bill (PDF 299KB) - (Only Available in Welsh)


Research Service Bill summary (PDF 308KB)


Business Committee’s Report on the timetable for consideration of the Bill (PDF 65KB)




Stage 1: Committee considerations of general principles


Public Consultation. The Committee issued a call for evidence, which closed on 13 March 2015.


The Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee considered the Bill on the following dates:

5 February 2015

26 February 2015

4 March 2015

12 March 2015

26 March 2015

22 April 2015 (private)

30 April 2015 (private)


Correspondence from the Minister for Public Services:

23 February 2015 (PDF 365KB)


Other correspondence:

Additional information from Lawyers in Local Government representative (PDF 13KB)


Committee Stage 1 report (PDF 847KB)


Finance Committee report (PDF 280KB)


Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee report (PDF 315KB)





Stage 1: Debate in Plenary on general principles



A debate took place in Plenary on 19 May 2015. The motion to agree the general principles of the Bill was agreed.




Financial Resolution



A Financial Resolution in relation to the Local Government (Wales) Bill was agreed in Plenary on 19 May 2015.




Stage 2: Committee consideration of amendments



Stage 2 consideration took place in Committee on 24 June 2015.


Notice of Amendments: 20 May 2015 (PDF 125KB)

Welsh Government – Purpose and Effect table: 20 May 2015 (PDF 159KB)


Notice of Amendments: 9 June 2015 v2 (PDF 76KB)

Welsh Government – Purpose and Effect table: 9 June 2015 (PDF 176KB)


Notice of Amendments: 12 June 2015 (PDF 107KB)


Notice of Amendments: 15 June 2015 (PDF 62KB)


Notice of Amendments: 17 June 2015 (PDF 89KB)


Marshalled list of Amendments: 24 June 2015 (PDF 220KB)


Groupings of Amendments: 24 June 2015 (PDF 64KB)


Concise Minutes: 24 June 2015


Local Government (Wales) Bill, as amended at Stage 2 (PDF 190KB) (Amendments to the Bill since the previous version are indicated by sidelining in the right margin.)


Revised Explanatory Memorandum (PDF 957KB)



Stage 3: Plenary consideration of amendments


Stage 3 consideration and disposal of amendments took place in Plenary on 29 September 2015.


Notice of Amendments: 13 July 2015 v3 (PDF 104KB)


Notice of Amendments: 14 September 2015 (PDF 90KB)


Notice of Amendments: 18 September 2015 v3 (PDF 173KB)

Welsh Government – Purpose and Effect table: 18 September 2015 (PDF 123KB)


Notice of Amendments: 22 September 2015 (PDF 68KB)


Marshalled list of Amendments: 29 September 2015 (PDF 248KB)


Groupings of Amendments: 29 September 2015 v2 (PDF 70KB)


Local Government (Wales) Bill, as amended at Stage 3 (PDF 191KB)


Printing changes to the Bill as amended at Stage 3 (PDF 95KB)





Stage 4: Passing of the Bill in Plenary



The Bill was agreed by the Assembly in accordance with SO 12.36 on 20 October 2015.


Local Government (Wales) Bill, as passed (PDF 187KB)





Royal Assent



Royal Assent (PDF 49KB) was given on 25 November 2015.





Contact information

Liz Wilkinson, Clerk
Phone: 0300 200 6565


Postal address:

National Assembly for Wales

Cardiff Bay


CF99 1NA


Email: Contact@Assembly.Wales

Business type: Bill

Status: Complete

First published: 05/12/2014