Inquiry into Assisting Young People into Work

The National Assembly for Wales’s Enterprise and Business Committee  undertook an inquiry into Assisting Young People into Work.  


Terms of Reference:


  • What support is most effective and what are the main barriers that face young people trying to enter the labour market?
  • To what extent is the Welsh Government’s strategy for young people who are not in education, employment or training effective and value for money?
  • What progress has been made to date on the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework Implementation Plan?
  • How effective is the strategic role of local authorities and other key stakeholders including the Careers Service, the Youth Service, and the education regional consortia?
  • The extent of discrimination and its impact on the recruitment of young people;
  • How effective are the range of schemes, initiatives and projects aimed at supporting young people into work, for example: Jobs Growth Wales; apprenticeships; traineeships; other projects supported by European funding; and third-sector-run projects? Do they provide good value for money?


Issues that the Committee considered as part of these terms of reference included:

  • The impact of the Welsh Government’s prioritisation of support for young people age 16-18; and the impact of this prioritisation on those aged 19-24;
  • Transport (especially in rural areas): what are the problems and what assistance can be provided?
  • The need for softer skills: e.g., effective interview and job application skills; ready-for-work skills;
  • What can be done to assist the groups of young people who are more affected by barriers to re-entering the labour market, for example those with disability?
  • The impact and value-for-money of European funds;
  • Regional variations and local challenges;
  • The social problems that prevent young people from finding work, and how to change the culture and attitudes that entrench unemployment for many.


Evidence from the Public

The Committee held a public consultation to gather evidence on this topic.

Business type:

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

First published: 25/09/2014