Inquiry into the performance of Ambulance Services in Wales

The Committee’s original inquiry


The National Assembly for Wales’ Health and Social Care Committee undertook a short inquiry into the performance of the Ambulance Services in Wales.


Evidence gathering

The Committee took oral evidence on the performance of ambulance services in Wales on 5 March 2015.


The Committee heard from:



The Committee wrote to the Deputy Minister for Health (PDF 223KB) in March 2015.


The Deputy Minister responded (PDF 207KB) in May 2015.


Follow-up inquiry


During the original inquiry, the Committee noted its intention to return to the subject in order to follow-up on its initial conclusions. The Committee gathered written evidence from key stakeholders:


PAS(F) 01 UNISON Cymru Wales (PDF, 27KB)

PAS(F) 02 Royal College of Nursing (PDF, 120KB)

PAS(F) 03 GMB (PDF, 64KB)

PAS(F) 04 Emergency Ambulance Services Committee (PDF, 451KB)

PAS(F) 05 Welsh NHS Confederation (PDF, 206KB)

PAS(F) 06 Welsh Ambulances Service NHS Trust (PDF, 295KB)

PAS(F) 07 Unite the Union (PDF, 135KB)


On 3 December 2015 the Committee held oral evidence sessions to assess what progress has been made to bring about improvements in the eight key areas it identified during its initial inquiry.


The Committee wrote a follow-up letter to the Deputy Minister for Health (PDF, 375KB) in January 2016.


The Deputy Minister responded (PDF, 318KB) to the follow-up letter in February 2016.


The Committee wrote again to the Deputy Minister for Health seeking clarification (PDF, 171KB) in March 2016. The Deputy Minister responded (PDF, 162KB) in April 2016.


Additional information


The Committee received additional information from the following stakeholders:


PAS(F) Additional Information 1 – Unison Cymru Wales (PDF, 562KB)

PAS(F) Additional Information 2 – Royal College of Nursing (PDF, 2MB)

PAS(F) Additional Information 3 – Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (PDF, 759KB)


Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 12/02/2015