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Higher Education Funding

Purpose of the consultation

Terms of Reference


The purpose of this inquiry is to consider the funding of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Wales, the financial impact of the Welsh Government’s tuition fee grant policy on HEIs and students in Wales, and whether the Welsh Government is delivering value for money in this area.


The new part time Higher Education funding policy does not come into effect until 2014 and therefore this enquiry focuses on full time Higher Education funding.


Our terms of reference cover three broad income streams of HEI funding plus the role of finance in choices made by students:


  • Research – How effective are HEIs in securing research income including Welsh Government (WG) funding of research via HEFCW.
  • Tuition fee income and support – What has been the financial effect of the new tuition fee policy introduced in 2012 which allows HEIs to charge students up to £9,000 per annum for HE courses and what are the financial implications of the WG’s tuition fee grant?
  • Other income opportunities or threats – How important is the income stream to Welsh HEIs from tuition fees received from students domiciled outside Wales including overseas students and what are the financial consequences, now or in the future, of other changes in the HE marketplace including the entry of private providers ?
  • Student choices – What financial considerations do students take into account when deciding whether to go into HE and what impact the WG’s tuition fee grants have on an individual’s choice?


There are two sets of consultation questions – one aimed at organisations and one aimed at students and/ or their parents/guardians.


There will also be a detailed student survey which can be completed by Welsh domiciled students in years 12 and 13 and Welsh domiciled students currently studying at HEIs.


Please complete the set of questions that are most relevant to you.

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