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Impacts of COVID-19: Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee - Open Call for evidence and experiences

Purpose of the consultation

Purpose of the consultation

The Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee is exploring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on all areas within its remit. Members are interested in the effects of the pandemic; measures taken to slow the spread; and support being offered to help people, companies and other organisations through the pandemic . Members are particularly interested in gathering evidence and views looking forward at what needs to be done to help the nation recover.


Below is a list of areas the Committee is interested in. However this list is not exhaustive. Members would like to hear your views on any other areas within our remit you wish to draw to our attention.


  • Effects on the economy and business – including how different sectors are being affected;
  • Effects on jobs – including job retention and safety at work;
  • Effects on transport – including the short and long-term impact of the virus on demand, travel patterns and mode used and how this should be managed, support for sustainable transport and how public transport can operate safely during the pandemic for passengers and staff;
  • Effects on apprenticeships and other skills provision – including experiences of apprentices, companies who employ apprentices, organisations who provide training and how skills and the skills system could contribute to the nation’s recovery;
  • The support of the Government and wider public sector to all of the above – including whether the support is working, or if there are gaps, and what fine tuning is needed or additional support could be offered?;
  • Recovery – this includes what needs to be done to help Wales recover from the epidemic? This includes actions which should be taken by the government, commercial or from the community/third sector Government,  to foster recovery in the areas covered by EIS. It also includes how area covered by the economy can assist in the recovery e.g. how skills training can be used to assist recovery.

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Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee
Welsh Parliament
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Telephone: 0300 200 6565