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Capacity of the Senedd

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Purpose of the consultation

The Committee on Senedd Electoral Reform was established in September 2019 to examine the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform in respect of the size of the Senedd and how Members are elected.


To inform its work on the capacity of the Senedd, it held a private discussion event on 6 January 2020 with people and organisations who work closely with the Senedd and its Members.


Three questions were discussed at the event:


  1. Does the Senedd have the capacity it needs to carry out its representative, scrutiny and legislative functions now and in the future?
  2. Would things be different if the Senedd had more Members? If so, how?
  3. If the Senedd continues to have 60 Members, what could it, its committees, its Members, political parties or others do differently to increase the capacity of the Senedd?


The Committee held a public consultation on the note of the issues which were discussed [PDF, 255KB) between 14 February 2020 and 20 April 2020.


Respondents were asked to ensure they had considered the Senedd’s policy on disclosure of information before submitting information to the Committee.

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Committee on Assembly Electoral Reform
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

Telephone: 0300 200 6565