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Inquiry into Tourism

Response to the consultation

Evidence submitted in response to this Consultation

Purpose of the consultation

The National Assembly for Wales’ Enterprise and Business Committee undertook an inquiry into tourism.  


Terms of reference:

  • To assess progress made by the Welsh Government towards achieving its Programme for Government commitments relating to tourism, as well as the suitability of these aims;
  • To assess the ambition and deliverability of the Welsh Government’s aim to grow tourism earnings by 10 per cent by 2020, as well as progress made towards this aim;
  • To assess the suitability and effectiveness of the structures and support the Welsh Government has in place for the tourism industry in Wales, and its future plans for regional support.

Issues that the Committee considered as part of these terms of reference included:

  • The clarity and strength of Wales’s tourism “brand”;
  • The effectiveness of Welsh Government attempts to maximise the value of the domestic tourism market;
  • The effectiveness of Welsh Government attempts to maximise the value of the international tourism market;
  • Performance of Visit Wales compared with tourism development agencies in the rest of the UK;
  • The success of Visit Wales marketing activities;
  • The work of Visit Britain as it relates to Wales, and the extent of coordination between Visit Britain and Visit Wales;
  • The sufficiency and effectiveness of Welsh Government resources targeted at promoting tourism and supporting Welsh tourism businesses, and whether it represents good value for money;
  • How the Welsh Government monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of its tourism support and marketing activities;
  • The use made of opportunities for funding and other support from the EU;
  • The success of Welsh Government efforts to increase the quality of Wales’s tourism offer;
  • The extent to which the marketing and development of tourism in Wales makes the most of Wales’s cultural, historical and natural assets;
  • The impact of major events on Wales’s tourism economy, and the success of Welsh Government attempts to maximise this.

Disclosure of Information


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