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Cost of Living

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Purpose of the consultation

The Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee is gathering views on the economic and rural impact of cost of living pressures.  This inquiry seeks to build on the work being undertaken or planned by other Senedd Committees around cost of living, including on fuel poverty, decarbonisation of housing, debt, and mental health inequalities.


Purpose of the Consultation

Rising energy prices, tax increases and falling real wages have led the Resolution Foundation to term 2022 as the ‘year of the squeeze’, with disposable household income set to see its largest fall since the Office for National Statistics started keeping records.


The energy “price cap” for households increased by 54% on 1 April, and is expected to see a further rise later this year.  Rural areas have the highest domestic energy prices in Wales, partly explained by the higher costs faced by off-grid households.


Estimates from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research show that the poorest households in Wales are likely to be hit hardest by cost of living pressures, as they spend much more of their income on energy and food.


How to share your views

The Committee would welcome your views on any or all of the issues covered in the terms of reference, and in particular on the following questions:



>>>    What are the likely economic impacts of the cost of living crunch?

>>>    How are cost of living pressures affecting the workforce, and how are different groups within the workforce being affected?

>>>    How are cost of living challenges impacting upon businesses and economic sectors, and how are businesses responding to these?

>>>    How are rural communities being affected by the cost of living crunch, and to what extent are the pressures they face different to urban areas?

>>>    How effective are the support measures that the Welsh and UK governments have put in place, and what further support might be needed over the coming months?



The deadline for submissions to this inquiry is Monday 16 May 2022


For clarity, there is no designated form for submissions. To share your views electronically, please send to SeneddEconomy@Senedd.Wales, or by post to Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee, Welsh Parliament, Cardiff, CF99 1SN


If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Providing Written Evidence

The Senedd has two official languages, Welsh and English.


In line with the Senedd’s Official Languages Scheme the Committee requests that documents or written responses to consultations intended for publication or use in Senedd proceedings are submitted bilingually. When documents or written responses are not submitted bilingually, we will publish in the language submitted, stating that it has been received in that language only.


We expect other organisations to implement their own standards or schemes and to comply with their statutory obligation.


Please see guidance for those providing evidence for committees.


Disclosure of information

Please ensure that you have considered the Senedd’s policy on disclosure of information before submitting information to the Committee.

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Economy, Trade, and Rural Affairs Committee
Welsh Parliament
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CF99 1SN

Telephone: 0300 200 6565