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Discussion on the Welsh Government's Co-investment in Skills Framework

Response to the consultation

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Purpose of the consultation

The National Assembly for Wales’s Enterprise and Business Committee undertook a discussion into the Welsh Government’s Co-investment in Skills framework.


Terms of Reference

The Welsh Government’s Co-investment in skills framework (pdf 825KB) began being implemented at the start of April 2015:

  • To what extent will the policy of co-investment help to meet the Welsh Government’s aim of “ensuring that Wales develops a competitive edge in mobilising a productive and skilled workforce”?
  • Will employers engage with the principle of co-investment? Are levels of training likely to increase or decrease as a result?
  • What impact (if any) will increased financial investment from employers have on the quality and relevance to the labour markets of training courses?


As part of these suggested Terms of Reference, the Committee may wish to consider:

  • Whether any additional training should be exempt from co-investment for example for new start-up businesses;
  • Are there alternative methods of sharing the costs of training, for example a training levy?
  • The use of European funding.


Disclosure of Information

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