Agenda item

P-05-1001 Hold an independent inquiry into the choice of site for the proposed new Velindre Cancer Centre


This petition was considered alongside P-05-1018 Support for the current proposed plans to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, in any future inquiry.  


In light of the new evidence received from a number of parties and the recent publication of advice provided by the Nuffield Trust, the Committee agreed to write back to the Minister for Health and Social Services to:


·         Draw attention to the information received by the Committee in the context of the scrutiny of the Outline Business Case (OBC) within the Welsh Government;

·         Request an update on the current status of this work following the publication of the Nuffield Trust advice, and an indicative timeline for further consideration of the OBC by the Welsh Government; and

·         Seek a response to further points made by the petitioners for P-05-1001 in respect of their view that a full independent review of the clinical model is still required, before a decision is made on the project.



Supporting documents: