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·       Decisions on ICT provision for the 6th Senedd – Commissioners agreed proposals for ICT provision to Members, which had been considered at the previous meeting and discussed further in the interim. 


Personal Computers

Decision 1: a laptop computer should now be the standard offering - one per Member, plus a one each for support staff up to max of 6.  Additional machines may be purchased utilising Office Costs (this would include the ability to use existing purchases which remain within their supported lifespan for returning Members).   

Decision 2: Members have the option to swap one laptop for a desktop computer.

·       Decision 3: That all group office staff be supplied with a laptop.

·       Decision 4: Members can swap their standard laptop for a Microsoft Surface Pro, but, given the higher cost of this device, would give up the tablet device (I-Pad) from their allocation.   

Computer monitors and docking stations

·                Decision 5: a desktop monitor and docking station (+keyboard and mouse) is provided with each laptop at the individual’s main place of work.

·                Decision 6: Members are allocated one further monitor and docking station at a second location (e.g. home).    

Apple devices

·                Decision 7: In exceptional circumstances, Members, or their support staff, who have more knowledge and experience of using the Apple OS than Windows, are able to choose one Apple device instead of a Windows device (one per Member including their staff). Senedd applications and training available are designed primarily for Windows.


·                Decision 8: Members are allocated a personal Office365 licence, plus a licence for their shared mail box (“The office of…”). In addition to this they are allocated up to a maximum of six further licences for each of their support staff. 

·                Decision 9: Adobe Creative Cloud, if needed, per Member (allocated to a support staff).


·                Decision 10: Members are allocated two Multi-Functional print Devices (print, scan and photocopy) and one monochrome laser printer.

Tablet Devices

·                Decision 11: Members are allocated one Apple I-Pad (unless a Member has chosen a Microsoft Surface Device).

Mobile Phones

·                Decision 12: Each Member is allocated a suitable mobile phone handset (Apple or Android) together with a monthly call contract that will provide for unlimited UK calls and text messages and 16GB of mobile data pm.  


·                Decision 13: That a suitable network connection is provided to the Member’s Constituency Office(s) (max of 2).

·                Decision 14: Broadband will not be provided to a Member’s main residence (except in exceptional cases). Returning Members who currently have Senedd broadband at home will have two months following the election to make replacement arrangements. 

Exceptions will be assessed on a case by case basis. Specific circumstances that may justify the provision of broadband to a Member’s main residence could include:

·       Conventional broadband not being available at the location, requiring the use of different, more costly technologies,

·       More than one member residing at the property necessitating more capacity for remote working, or

·       Other family members not being able to use the home broadband when the Member requires it for Senedd work, such as remote attendance of Plenary.


·       Letter from Finance Committee – Commissioners noted a letter received recommending work be undertaken to educate, engage, and inform the Welsh public on fiscal devolution, and agreed that a response be prepared.


·       Letter from Plaid Cymru group to the Chief Executive – Commissioners were informed of correspondence regarding support for contract staff involved in the December incident on the estate and catering provision.