Business Committee

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Information about Business Committee

<OpeningPara>The Business Committee is responsible for the organisation of Senedd Business. Its role is to “facilitate the effective organisation of Senedd proceedings” as stated in Standing Order 11.1.</OpeningPara>


<OpeningPara>The Presiding Officer chairs the meetings, which are attended by the Trefnydd and a Business Manager from each of the other political groups represented in the Senedd.</OpeningPara>



<news>The Committee proposed the titles and remits of the Senedd’s committees, which were agreed in Plenary on Wednesday 23 June 2021 (PDF, 85kb)</news><link></link>


Current Work

<inquiry>Guide to early plenary business after the May 2021 elections (PDF, 175kb)</inquiry><link></link>


Reports produced by the Business Committee

  • Proposals to change Standing Orders
  • Timetables for Bills
  • Timetables for Legislative Consent Memoranda
  • Timetable for the Welsh Government’s draft budget
  • Committee Portfolios and Responsibilities
  • Other Business Committee reports