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<news>The Committee is undertaking a consultation on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the agriculture and fisheries sectors, food supply, animal welfare, climate change and the environment</news><link>mgConsultationDisplay.aspx?id=399</link>


<news>The Committee will next meet on Thursday 28 January 2021</news><link> ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=444&MId=11151&Ver=4</link>


<news>The Committee has published its report, Flooding in Wales – 9 December 2020</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=29758</link>


<news>The Committee last met on Thursday 21 January and the meeting can be viewed on</news><link>ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=444&MId=11150&Ver=4</link>


<news>The Committee has published its report on the National Development Framework for Wales, Future Wales:The National Plan 2040 – 23 November 2020</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=21513</link>


<news>On 17 September the Committee heard from the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs about the Welsh Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Chair wrote to the Minister to request further information on some of the issues raised during the session. The Minister has responded – 5 November 2020</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=28791</link>


Current Work

<inquiry>UK Common Frameworks</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=34765</link>

<inquiry>Animal health and disease prevention</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=35173 </link>

<inquiry>Short Inquiry into the Welsh Government’s response to flooding in Wales</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=29758</link>

<inquiry>One-off session on biodiversity and rewilding in Wales</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=30101</link>

<inquiry>Inquiry into Air Quality</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=27176</link>


<inquiry>Consultation on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic</inquiry><link>mgConsultationDisplay.aspx?id=399</link>

<inquiry>National Development Framework for Wales</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=21513</link>





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>>>View meeting transcripts prior to 31 October 2017<link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=15156</link>



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The Committee was established on 28 June 2016 to examine legislation and hold the Welsh Government to account by scrutinising expenditure, administration and policy matters, encompassing (but not restricted to): climate change; energy; natural resources management; planning; animal welfare and agriculture.