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The Committee will next meet on 9 June 2020.


For the foreseeable future the Committee will focus its work on the impact of the current public health situation on children and young people, including students in further and higher education.


The Committee has agreed a work programme to gather evidence from stakeholders, prioritising the following areas for future meetings:

the impact of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of children and young people (9 June 2020); and

the impact of COVID-19 on higher and further education (23 June 2020).


The Committee has issued an open call for views as part of this inquiry. There is no need for a lengthy response, and no fixed deadline to submit – we ask that you share what you can, when you are able to. A child-friendly version of this call for views is available.


On 28 April and 5 May the Committee heard from the Minister for Education, and the Minister for Health and Social Services along with the Deputy Minister about the Welsh Government’s response to the outbreak. A copy of the Committee’s letter to the Welsh Government has been published.


The Committee held two evidence sessions with stakeholders on 18 May that focussed on the impact of COVID 19 on vulnerable children. The Committee has written to the Welsh Government in relation to these sessions.


As time progresses, the Committee will review its non Covid-related work, all of which has been paused for the time being. The Committee awaits further details of timescales for the Welsh Government’s legislative priorities.


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The Committee was established on 28 June 2016 to examine legislation and hold the Welsh Government to account by scrutinising its expenditure, administration and policy matters, encompassing (but not restricted to): the education, health and well-being of the children and young people of Wales, including their social care.




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