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<news>NEW REPORT: Read the Finance Committee’s report on the Financial Implications of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=28836</link>


<news>On 27 November 2020, the Chair of the Finance Committee wrote to the Secretary of State for Wales to request an urgent update on the impact of the UK Government’s Spending Review in Wales</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=28778</link>


<news>NEW REPORT: Read the Finance Committee’s report on The Welsh Government’s Legislative Consent Memorandum on the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill (PDF 812KB)</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=29782</link>


<news>NEW REPORT: Read the Finance Committee’s report on its Annual Scrutiny of the Wales Audit Office and the Auditor General for Wales (PDF 766KB)</news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=15727</link>


<news>NEW REPORT: Read the Finance Committee’s report on its Scrutiny of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales’s Estimate for 2021-22 (PDF 800KB) </news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=29724</link>


<news>On 12 November 2020 the Chairs of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee, Finance Committee and External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee wrote to UK Parliament Committees in relation to the UK Internal Market Bill. </news><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=29782</link>


Current Work

<inquiry>Inquiry into the implementation of the Wales Act 2014 and operation of the Fiscal Framework</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=28925</link>

<inquiry>Welsh Government Draft Budget 2021-22</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=28778</link>

<inquiry>Draft Public Audit (Amendment) (Wales) Bill</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=27117</link>

<inquiry>Welsh Government Third Supplementary Budget 2020-21</inquiry><link>mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=35222</link>




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The Committee was established on 22 June 2016. The Committee’s remit, amended following a resolution in Plenary on 13 November 2019, is as follows:


>>>to carry out the functions of the responsible committee set out in Standing Orders 18.10, 18.11, 18A.2(iv) and (v), 19 and 20 of the Senedd;

>>>under Standing Orders 19 and 20, the committee’s responsibilities include considering any report or document laid before the Senedd concerning the use of resources, or expenditure from the Welsh Consolidated Fund, including undertaking budget scrutiny of the bodies directly funded from the Welsh Consolidated Fund;

>>>under Standing Orders 18.10 and 18.11, the committee’s responsibilities include oversight of the governance of the Wales Audit Office, as set out in the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2013;

>>>under Standing Order 18A.2(iv) and (v), to exercise budgetary functions in relation to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales;

>>>the committee also considers any proposals for, and the progress of the devolution of fiscal powers to Wales as part of its responsibilities;

>>>the committee may also scrutinise legislation introduced to the Senedd.