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Transcript: Transcript for 21/10/2020 - Children, Young People and Education Committee - Fifth Senedd

Note No. Item



Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest


1.1 The Chair welcomed Members to the virtual meeting of the Children, Young People and Education Committee.

1.2 In accordance with Standing Order 34.19, the Chair stated that she had determined that the public were excluded from the Committee’s meeting in order to protect public health but that the meeting would be broadcast live on

1.3 The Chair stated that if for any reason she dropped out of the meeting, the Committee agreed that Suzy Davies MS would become Temporary Chair in accordance with Standing Order 17.22.

1.4 Apologies were received from Dawn Bowden MS, Jack Sargeant MS substituted.



(09.30 - 11.30)


Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill - evidence session 12 with Welsh Government representatives

Kirsty Williams MS, Minister for Education  - Welsh Government

Georgina Haarhoff, Deputy Director – Curriculum and Assessment – Welsh Government

Kate Johnson, Senior Lawyer – Welsh Government

Supporting documents:


2.1 The Committee heard evidence from the Minister for Education.

2.2 The Committee agreed to write to the Minister for clarification on specific areas raised during the session and with the questions that were not reached.

2.3. The Minister agreed to provide:

a written explanation of why the Welsh Government feels it would be inappropriate to place duties on relevant persons/bodies exercising functions under the Bill to have due regard to the UNCRC and that such duties should only be on the government and Ministers;

details of the amendment(s) she intends to table, should the Bill progress to Stage 2, in respect of requirements to teach English prior to age 7, enabling Welsh immersion;

an update on the estimated costs of the Bill following the resumption and completion of relevant work with stakeholders.




Papers to note


3.1 The papers were noted.


Letter from Qualifications Wales to the Chair of the Children, Young People and Education Committee following the Committee meeting on 18 August

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Letter from Bangor University to the Chair of the Children, Young People and Education Committee regarding the arrangements to support students in light of COVID-19

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Motion under Standing Order 17.42(ix) to resolve to exclude the public from the remainder of the meeting


4.1 The motion was agreed.



Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill: consideration of the evidence


5.1 The Committee considered the evidence it heard in the previous session.

(12.00 - 12.30)


Consideration of the Committee's forward work programme

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6.1 The Committee considered the forward wok programme. It agreed the following:

- to hold evidence session next half term on COVID-19 related business;

- an approach for the pre-appointment hearing of the preferred candidate for the role of Chair of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales;

- to write to the Minister for Education with a summary of the Committee’s findings on its short inquiry into school improvement and raising standards, paused due to the pandemic;

- which areas it would like to focus on in each of the Annual Report sessions;

- to write the te Welsh Government to request detailed written information to inform the Committee’s Draft Budget scrutiny;

- to return to consider school funding at a later date;

- to return to consider legacy work at a later date; and

- Committee staff to keep a watching eye on relevant UK Common Frameworks.