Agenda and minutes

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Transcript: Transcript for 20/01/2020 - Public Accounts Committee - Fifth Senedd

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Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest


1.1 Apologies had been received from Nick Ramsay AM, Committee Chair. Darren Millar AM substituted.

1.2 The Clerk asked for nominations for a temporary Chair under SO 17.22. Jenny Rathbone AM nominated Darren Millar AM, which was endorsed by the Committee.

1.3 The Chair welcomed the Members to the Committee.

1.4 Apologies were received from Adam Price AM.



Natural Resources Wales

Research Briefing

PAC(5)-03-20 Paper 1 – Natural Resources Wales

PAC(5)-03-20 Paper 2 – Supplementary Memorandum of the Auditor General for Wales to the Public Accounts Committee (January 2020)

PAC(5)-03-20 Paper 3 – Letter from the Auditor General for Wales (13 January 2020)


Clare Pillman - Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, Natural Resources Wales

Sir David Henshaw – Chair, Natural Resources Wales

Supporting documents:


2.1 The Committee scrutinised Natural Resources Wales on the progress made on implementing the recommendations included in the Committee’s Report (November 2018) on the Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18.



Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:

Items 4 & 5 and the meeting on 27 January 2020


3.1 The motion was agreed.

(14.45 - 15.15)


Natural Resources Wales: Consideration of evidence received


4.1 The Committee discussed the evidence received and agreed to write to NRW on a number of issues arising.

(15.15 - 15.30)


Auditor General for Wales Report: Well-Being of Young People

Auditor General for Wales Report: Well-Being of Young People

PAC(5)-03-20 Paper 4 – Letter from the Committee Chair to the Permanent Secretary, Welsh Government (20 November 2019)

PAC(5)-03-20 Paper 5 – Letter from the Permanent Secretary, Welsh Government  to the Committee Chair (12 December 2019)


Supporting documents:


5.1 The Committee discussed the correspondence regarding this cross-cutting Report and agreed to write to the Permanent Secretary requesting further information.