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Note No. Item

In accordance with Standing Order 34.19, the Chair has determined that the public are excluded from the Committee's meeting in order to protect public health.


Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest



Paper(s) to note


PTN 1 – Letter from the Minister for Education: Response to the Committee's report on the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill - 11 January 2021

Supporting documents:


PTN2 - Letter from the Minister for Finance and Trefnydd - Non-Domestic Rating (Multiplier) (Wales) Order 2021 - 7 January 2021

Supporting documents:



Scrutiny of the Welsh Government's Draft budget 2021-22: Evidence session 5

Steffan Evans, Policy and Research Officer, Bevan Foundation

Gemma Schwendel, Senior Analyst, Joseph Rowntree Foundation


Supporting papers:

FIN(5)-03-21 P1 – Written evidence: Bevan Foundation

FIN(5)-03-21 P2 - Briefing paper: 'Poverty in Wales 2020'

Research brief

Supporting documents:

BREAK (10.30-10.40)



Scrutiny of the Welsh Government's Draft budget 2021-22: Evidence session 6

Andrew Campbell, Chairman, Wales Tourism Alliance

Ian Price, Director, Confederation of British Industry in Wales (CBI Wales)

Dr. Llyr ap Gareth, Senior Policy Advisor, Federation of Small Businesses in Wales (FSB Wales)


Supporting papers:

FIN(5)-03-21 P3 - Written evidence: FSB Wales

Research brief

Supporting documents:



Motion under Standing Order 17.42 (ix) to resolve to exclude the public from the remainder of this meeting



Scrutiny of the Welsh Government's Draft budget 2021-22: Consideration of evidence



Supplementary Budget 2020-21 requests from Directly Funded Bodies

Supporting papers:

FIN(5)-03-21 P4 - Cover paper

FIN(5)-03-21 P5 - Senedd Commission’s Budget 2020-21

FIN(5)-03-21 P6 - Public Services Ombudsman for Wales’ Supplementary Estimate 2020-21

FIN(5)-03-21 P7 - Audit Wales’ Supplementary Estimate 2020-21

Supporting documents:



The Land Transaction Tax (Tax Bands and Tax Rates) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

Supporting documents: