Agenda and minutes

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No. Item


Introductions, apologies and substitutions


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes for the meeting were agreed by the Committee for publication.


Organisation of Business


This Week's Business


This Week’s Business




  • Voting Time will take place as the last item of business.




  • All voting other than Stage 3 will take place before the Short Debate.


Business Managers noted that following Vikki Howells’ request last week to move her Short Debate, Neil Hamilton has agreed to swap dates with her, so his Short Debate will take place on Wednesday.


The Deputy Presiding Officer informed Business Managers that Stage 3 of the Senedd and Elections Bill on Wednesday has a total of 181 amendments in seven groups and it is therefore anticipated that it will take around 3 to 4 hours. The DPO will call a short 10 minute break before the start of Stage 3 proceedings, and may call another one during the item should it be necessary


Three Week Timetable of Government Business


The Trefnydd drew Business Managers’ attention to the fact that the motion to vary the order of consideration of Stage 3 amendments to the Children (Abolition of Defence of Reasonable Punishment) (Wales) Bill has now been withdrawn as it is not needed. She also informed Business Managers that the Stage 3 debate will now happen in January, and agreed to confirm whether this delay is due to the need to get Minister of the Crown consents.



Three Week Timetable of Assembly Business


Business Committee determined the organisation of Assembly business and agreed to schedule the following items of business:


Wednesday 4 December 2019 –


  • Debate on the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee report: Community and District Nursing Services (30 mins)
  • Debate on the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee report: Empty Properties (60 mins)
  • Debate on the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills report  - Regional Skills Partnerships  (60 mins)
  • Time allocated to Plaid Cymru (60 mins)



Debates on Members' Legislative Proposals - selection of motion for debate


Business Managers selected the following motion for debate on Wednesday 20 November:


NNDM7188 Jenny Rathbone (Cardiff Central):

To propose that the National Assembly for Wales:

1. Notes a proposal for a Bill to enable the implementation of a workplace parking levy.

2. Notes that the purpose of this Bill would be to:

a) enable local authorities to implement a workplace parking levy, dependent on the number of parking spaces reserved for employees;

b) enable local authorities to use the revenue to strengthen public transport and active travel routes;

c) reduce traffic congestion in major population centres;

d) encourage employers to promote active travel plans for their staff and advocate for better public transport;

e) urge Welsh Government to encourage local authorities in Wales to implement this levy, as part of a suite of measures to combat the carbon emissions which are causing a climate emergency.


Business Managers agreed to schedule the next two debates on 5 February and 11 March 2020.



Welsh Government Draft Budget 2020-21


Letter from the Minister for Finance and Trefnydd


Business Managers agreed the revised budget timetable, with a revised deadline of 31 January for committees to report, and noted that the Finance Committee would decide on Wednesday of this week whether to meet in the first week of recess. The Trefnydd agreed to ensure that Ministers were aware of the need to be available during the first week of term in January for committee scrutiny.



Auditor General for Wales and Wales Audit Office Estimate 2020-21


Letter from the Chair of Finance Committee


Business Managers noted the letter.





Proxy Voting


Business Managers discussed the paper, and Darren Millar asked that the Conservative group’s in principle objection to proxy voting be minuted.

However, Business Managers agreed to look at introducing proxy voting in two stages. Firstly, looking at implementing it for parental leave only, and secondly to look at the possibility of extending it to long-term illness and other caring responsibilities, after the House of Commons has reviewed their scheme.


Business Managers asked the Secretariat to bring them a paper on the options for implementing proxy voting for parental leave only in the first instance.



Papers to note


Welsh Government guidance on the pre-election period


Business Managers noted the guidance. Darren Millar noted that paragraph 10 mentioned separate advice to Welsh Government Special Advisors and asked if this could be shared with Business Managers. The Trefnydd agreed to share the advice if possible.