Agenda and minutes

Venue: Conference Room 4B - Tŷ Hywel

Contact: Sulafa Thomas, x6227 

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Introduction and apologies


No apologies were received.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes of 27 January were agreed.


Environment and Sustainability - Carbon reduction strategy


Commissioners agreed a set of principles, targets and actions to form the basis of the new carbon reduction strategy from 2021 to 2030.

Commissioners discussed the actions and recommendations and identified that as the strategy is finalised there should be an increased focus on changing culture and behaviours . They also agreed to recognise, as a Corporate Body, that a climate emergency exists.



Commission Resource Capacity Update


Commissioners had requested more detail about the posts identified to support delivery of their newly agreed communications and engagement strategy.

Commissioners had already agreed the principle of allocating additional resource to support their strategic priority of engagement. They considered the further information and the Llywydd committed to provide additional briefing to clarify the relationship between the new roles and delivery of the strategy.



Remuneration Board Correspondence


Commissioners considered letters from the Remuneration Board about the Board’s Consultation on the draft Determination for the Sixth Senedd, and regarding the Board’s further consideration of the issues in relation to costs incurred by Members for the running of their offices, other than those provided for by the Determination, in which they made two recommendations.

Commissioners agreed to write back to the Board with their conclusions in relation the recommendations, agreeing, by majority, to bring forward the publication of usage data to the beginning of the next financial year, and to provide information to support the Board’s work towards encompassing these provisions in the Determination. Having considered the Board’s views regarding the introduction of a ‘cap’ they agreed to maintain the status quo for the upcoming financial year.

They also agreed to highlight two matters arising from the consultation on the Determination - clarity around the two funding elements identified to support engagement with constituents, and the status of property funded by the Commission.


Future accommodation options - increasing flexibility of office accommodation within Ty Hywel


Commissioners noted proposals to make changes to be made to some of the accommodation provided within Tŷ Hywel to provide additional flexibility for Members’ offices.


Election Transition - approach


Commissioners noted information provided about planning for dissolution of the Fifth Assembly and transition through the election period in 2021.

Commissioners agreed to consider specific matters for decision at meetings later in 2020.


Public Accounts Committee: Scrutiny of Accounts 2018-19


Commissioners considered a request from the Public Accounts Committee for further information in relation to the response to two of the recommendations made by the Committee.  Commissioners noted the letter from the Committee and agreed a response.




Having been briefed, Commissioners considered actions already taken, what is being done and decisions needed at this point in time in response to coronavirus, Covid-19. They agreed actions in relation to current trigger points and discussed practical and business continuity arrangements.

The Commission decided that public engagement activities will stop from Tuesday 17 March, and not resume before 26 April. Buildings will close to the public except for those attending or observing formal proceedings of the Assembly. The Commission also decided to postpone the Senedd’s week of business in the north east later this Summer.

Commissioners also discussed the need to support staff directly and indirectly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to continue to provide relevant guidance to Assembly Members relating to their own staff and offices.

Commissioners confirmed their support for the proposed approach and agreed the decision-making processes, recognising there would be a need for further decisions to be taken.


Papers to note:


Executive Board update (RAD decisions)


Commissioners noted the routine summary of recruitment decisions provided to each Commission meeting.



ACARAC Minutes January meeting


Commissioners noted the update provided following the January meeting of ACARAC.


Any other business


Commissioners were appraised that the Cleaning contract had been awarded following a procurement exercise.