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Introduction and apologies


Angela Burns AM, David Melding AM and Helena Feltham had sent their apologies.



Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting

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The minutes of the 17 September meeting were agreed.


Future ICT options in the Siambr

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Following consultation with Members earlier in the year, the Commission discussed an update on the work undertaken to evaluate the options for future ICT provision in the Siambr.

A detailed analysis of how options could be delivered had been undertaken over the summer recess. This analysis included an assessment of ease of use, functionality, flexibility, desktop layout, repositioning of voting buttons, information display and how a fully mobile solution could integrate with the Siambr system. The analysis also ruled out any change that would degrade the existing service or ways of working in the Siambr, and factored in accessibility needs, the aesthetics of the Siambr, the smooth running of Plenary and the cost and time to implement the change.

Commissioners discussed the proposal for a combination of fixed and mobile ICT and a new Plenary Business software solution. The proposed solution guarantees that Members would be able to access all Plenary systems and business. In addition, those Members wishing to use a mobile device can do so for core business functions (excluding voting and messaging) will be able to do so as the new software solution is developed through 2015, and be fully supported, via their iPad or Microsoft Surface. It would deliver:

  • a new desktop layout, giving more usable space and better ergonomics.;
  • a new voting/translation/audio panel, which will be relocated with easier to reach voting buttons;
  • voting that will be displayed on the Member’s screen for each Member to view their own vote;
  • a new low-profile screen, connected to the existing PC and a new wireless mouse and keyboard, to remove cable clutter. A new drawer will be provided under the desk, where the keyboard and mouse can be easily stored when not required, again creating more desktop space for papers or a mobile device; and
  • a charging point for a mobile device.


Commissioners raised the importance of ensuring ergonomic assessments are available, particularly when Members may be working for extended periods of time in the Siambr. A mock-up of the new design will be available soon for Members to see.

Commissioners approved the proposed solution for future ICT provision in the Siambr subject to costings, which will now be prepared.


Social Media Strategy

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The Commission discussed the paper which provided them with details of the Social Media Strategy, the new policy governing the use of social media and the conclusions arising from the trial of live tweeting, conducted shortly before summer recess.

This policy is intended to ensure that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to manage and monitor the effective use of social media and to support, advise and inform staff on its use. It defines the context in which social media should be used, covers the types of content appropriate for social media, outlines the role of the Social Media Manager in assisting users and providing governance and addresses all used channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

Commissioners were concerned that individual members of staff who are tweeting on behalf of the Assembly should have appropriate training and knowledge and that all tweeting be informative and non-partisan. They received assurance that appropriate controls are in place and that training and sharing of best practice takes place.

Commissioners discussed the impact of social media as part of a spectrum of engagement activity, not something to be taken in isolation. They identified that Assembly tweets are most valuable when they link to and other useful sites.

The Social Media Policy is intended to provide a framework for people to work from. Commissioners asked that the policy be made as clear as possible and agreed it should be finalised and then published.



Results of Member and Support staff satisfaction survey

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The Commission reviewed the results of the 2014 Assembly Member and Support Staff Survey. Following Member feedback on the 2013 survey, the 2014 Survey contained fewer questions, just twelve, and gave respondents the ability to provide more feedback via optional comment sections.  Commissioners agreed that the survey results be shared with Members and staff shortly.



Security of the Estate

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The Commission discussed matters relating to the security of the estate.


Corporate Performance Report (Apr-Jun)

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The Commission considered the corporate performance report for the period April – June 2014. The indicators being reported had been reviewed over the summer, resulting in some changes:

·         more stretching targets for circulation of committee papers and publishing the committee Record of Proceedings;

·         a new measure for the issue of Marshalled Lists for Stage 3 Bills (to supplement the legislative timetable graph which we have moved to the Annex with the other graphs);

·         details of repeat participants in CPD activity to better reflect attendance by Members and their support staff;

·         more detail on social media interactions, such as total engagement figures for Facebook, Twitter and as well as adding YouTube minutes watched; and

·         new measures for ICT delivery and satisfaction.


Commissioners felt that this latest KPI report was clear and easy to understand. They asked that, prior to publication, the document be reviewed to increase the size of font used in some areas to make the report more accessible.



Any other business


The next meeting will be held on 3 November.

Agenda items will include agreeing the Commission’s final budget, taking account of the Finance Committee’s report on the budget. Commissioners will also be holding discussions with the Remuneration Board.

The Presiding Officer informed Commissioners that a Short Debate had been tabled that was a matter for the Commission, and that she would be responding to the debate on Wednesday 1 October.



September 2014