P-05-893 Save Our Parks In Wales

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Meeting: 09/06/2020 - Petitions Committee - Fifth Senedd (Item 4)

4 P-05-893 Save Our Parks In Wales

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In light of the responses now received from both the Welsh Government and the Welsh Local Government Association, including the protection afforded by planning policies and the rejection of ring-fenced funding, the Committee agreed not to take any further action and close the petition.

Meeting: 17/09/2019 - Petitions Committee - Fifth Senedd (Item 2)

2 P-05-893 Save Our Parks In Wales

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The Committee considered the petition for the first time and agreed to:

·         write to the WLGA to seek their views on the issues raised by the petition and to seek any information they can provide on the number of playing fields and open spaces lost, or developed, around Wales in recent years; and

·         await the views of the petitioner on the responses received before considering whether to take further action on the petition.