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Meeting: 28/06/2012 - Senedd Commission (Item 6)

UNO Benefits Review

Paper 6


At the October 2011 meeting, the Commission was presented with a review of the benefits and savings delivered by the UNO project and requested regular updates on the benefits achieved.

UNO achieved its aim of separating the Assembly’s infrastructure from that of the Welsh Government. This was a necessary and unavoidable step that has put the Assembly in a position to be able to decide on its future ICT service provision and ICT strategy.

Other benefits achieved include the migration to Windows 7 and Office 2010, improved business continuity and resilience of Assembly systems and better connectivity, particularly for constituency offices.

Various technical issues have been resolved but others are still being progressed, including the achievement of the Caseworker upgrade, resolution of local printing issues and simplifying access to applications.

Whilst acknowledging that the steps taken as part of UNO were necessary, Commissioners expressed concern about the continuing ICT problems being experienced by Members and their staff and it was agreed that officials should continue to give the resolution of these issues a high priority.

Meeting: 20/10/2011 - Senedd Commission (Item 3)

3 UNO benefits and savings six monthly review

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The Commission received an update on the benefits and savings delivered by the UNO project.  Achievements against the project’s aims and the work to collect feedback on user satisfaction were discussed. It was agreed that a significant amount has been achieved, but a number of technical issues were still outstanding which were causing difficulties for some users.


A plan to resolve these issues is in place with Atos, who are providing dedicated technical resources to investigate and progress solutions at no further cost to the Assembly. The software update has been trialled with 100 users, and it is anticipated that the changes will be rolled out to all users during October.


An ICT strategy group was created in March 2011 to consider options for ICT provision after 2014. A detailed options paper will be brought to the Commission meeting on 24 November. 


The Commission noted the report and the measures put in place to resolve the outstanding issues. It was agreed that there had been significant dedication and commitment from ICT staff in delivering the project.


A further UNO evaluation paper will be brought to the Commission in six months’ time.


Action: Officials to prepare a paper on the financial benefits of the UNO project as part of the next progress report in six months.