Establishment of the Welsh Revenue Authority

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Meeting: 03/05/2017 - Finance Committee - Fifth Senedd (Item 6)

Technical briefing: Welsh Revenue Authority

Dyfed Alsop – WRA Implementation Director

Claire McDonald – WRA Implementation Programme Manager

Mike Thomas –Digital Services Project Manager, WRA Implementation

David Thurlow – Head Business Processes, WRA Implementation



6.1 The Committee received a briefing on digital prototypes from the Welsh Revenue Authority Implementation team.

Meeting: 01/03/2017 - Finance Committee - Fifth Senedd (Item 2)

2 Letter from Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government - WRA Pre-appointment hearing report - 23 February 2017

Supporting documents:


2. The papers were noted.

Meeting: 16/02/2017 - Finance Committee - Fifth Senedd (Item 7)

7 Pre Appointment Hearing - Welsh Revenue Authority Chair

Kathryn Bishop – Preferred Candidate for Chair of Welsh Revenue Authority


Paper 3 – Curriculum Vitae for Kathryn Bishop

Supporting documents:


7.1 The Committee conducted a Pre Appointment Hearing of the preferred candidate for the Welsh Revenue Authority Chair, Kathryn Bishop.

Meeting: 16/02/2017 - Finance Committee - Fifth Senedd (Item 8)

Pre Appointment Hearing - Welsh Revenue Authority Chair: Consideration of Hearing


8.1 The Committee considered the appropriateness of the preferred candidate.