Discussion of Oral Evidence

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Meeting: 26/11/2013 - Petitions Committee - Fourth Assembly (Item 2)

Discussion of evidence session on 11 November 2013

Meeting: 13/03/2012 - Petitions Committee - Fourth Assembly (Item 2)

2 Discussion of oral evidence given by the Minister for Local Government & Communities on 7 February 2012

Supporting documents:

Meeting: 24/01/2012 - Petitions Committee - Fourth Assembly (Item 4)

4 Discussion of Minister's Oral Evidence - 10 January Meeting

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The Committee agreed to:

Consider the Guide Dogs for the Blind – Shared Spaced petition further with the Minister for Local Government and Communities once he feels the Government has sufficient evidence to take a view;

Forward details of the threshold number of road accidents at which safety measures and/or monitoring is put in place and the Minister’s statement on road accident prevention measures to the Road Safety in Llanspyddid petitioners for comment, once received from the Minister;

Forward the transcript of the meeting to all four sets of petitioners as well as the community council for Llanspyddid for comment.

Forward the before and after study to the Local Solutions to Newtown Traffic petitioners and the Newtown Traffic petitioners once received from the Minister.

Meeting: 10/01/2012 - Petitions Committee - Fourth Assembly (Item 2)

Discussion of evidence from Minister for Health and Social Services

Meeting: 01/11/2011 - Petitions Committee - Fourth Assembly (Item 5)

Discussion of oral evidence