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Proses gaffael Llywodraeth Cymru a’r camau a gymerwyd ganddi i waredu hen westy River Lodge, Llangollen - Tystiolaeth gan Powys Fadog

Decision Maker: Public Accounts Committee - Fourth Assembly

Status: Recommendations approved

Is Key decision?: Yes


The Auditor General for Wales’ report on The Welsh Government’s acquisition and action to dispose of the former River Lodge Hotel, Llangollen was published in June 2012.  The report concluded that the Welsh Government's decisions- in 2007 to buy the former River Lodge Hotel for £1.6 million and in 2009 to enter into a lease agreement with an organisation known as Powys Fadog- were flawed and did not represent good value for money. In light of this, and the increasing likelihood that Powys Fadog would be unable to fulfil the conditions of the lease agreement, the report considered that the Welsh Government’s decision in 2010 to carry out an appraisal of options for the disposal of the property was both prudent and necessary. The report also found that the Welsh Government had been slow to react to external and internal concerns about the probity and value for money of its earlier decisions.

The Auditor General for Wales’ report did not include any specific recommendations to the Welsh Government. The Public Accounts Committee was very concerned by its findings and agreed to conduct an inquiry into the issues raised by the report, with particular regard to determining what lessons the Welsh Government could learn from the episode.



2.1 The Chair welcomed Pol Wong, Chief Executive and Chairman, Powys Fadog.


2.2 The Committee questioned the witness.


Action point:


Powys Fadog agreed to provide:


·         Further information on when martial arts classes ceased on the premises of the former River Lodge Hotel;


Publication date: 10/10/2012

Date of decision: 08/10/2012

Decided at meeting: 08/10/2012 - Public Accounts Committee - Fourth Assembly