Rules on the Use of Senedd Resources

Manon Antoniazzi, in her role as principal accounting officer to the Senedd Commission, has issued a consultation on the Rules and Guidance for the Use of Senedd Resources.  This will close on 17 January 2022.


The Standards framework for Members of the Senedd includes the Code of Conduct for Senedd Members (‘the Code’) and Rules and Guidance on the Use of Senedd Resources (‘the Rules’).  A new Code was agreed by the Fifth Senedd on 24 March 2021, and took effect at the beginning of the Sixth Senedd.  ‘Rule 8 of the Code’ requires Members to comply with rules on the use of resources provided by the Senedd Commission, which are made, from time to time, by the Principal Accounting Officer (“the Accounting Officer”) of the Commission.


The principal accounting officer of a public sector organisation is the custodian of public trust in its use of public resources. The principal accounting officer is  responsible for the regularity and propriety of expenditure, robust evaluation of different mechanisms for delivering policy objectives, value for money, the management of risk, and accurate accounting for the use of resources. To support these responsibilities the Accounting Officer requires an effective assurance regime.


“Rules and Guidance on the Use of Senedd Resources” were first issued as a stand alone document ahead of the 2016 elections with the approval of the then Accounting Officer.


Revised Rules were issued in September 2020 and aim to provide greater clarity regarding the ways in which Commission resources may be used.

The changes put forward for consultation at this time take account of a number of issues that have been raised by Members and reflect the Accounting Officer’s responsibilities.


The current Rules and Guidance can be found here: Rules and Guidance on the Use of Senedd Resources

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First published: 14/12/2021