Membership of committees (including election of chairs)

If a vacancy occurs on a committee, or the remaining membership of a committee needs to be established following the election of a chair following a Senedd election (see below), the Senedd must agree a motion tabled by the Business Committee proposing the remaining membership of the committee. The procedures in relation to the membership of committees is set out in Standing Orders 17.3–17.16.


Once committees are established following a Senedd election, and their chairs allocated to groups, the Senedd will proceed to elect the chairs.


The Presiding Officer will invite nominations; for each chair, only a Member from the political group that has been allocated that chair may be



If there is only one nomination, the Presiding Officer must propose that the

Member nominated be elected as chair of the committee. If that is opposed, or if there are two or more nominations, the Presiding Officer must make

arrangements for the election to take place by secret ballot.


If a chair becomes vacant during a Senedd, the Business Committee must consider the effects of that vacancy on the balance of committee chairs between political groups, and may decide to propose any changes to the allocation of chairs. The vacant chair(s) must then be filled via an election in the above described method.

Business type: Early Business

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

First published: 04/06/2021