Constitutional reform

The Wales Act 2017 marks the start of a new phase of devolution in Wales. It gives the Senedd powers over new policy areas, including the Senedd’s own size, electoral system and internal arrangements.

The independent Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform published its report last year: A Parliament that Works for Wales. The Panel considered the Senedd’s capacity to deliver for the people of Wales, and concluded that with only 60 Members the Senedd was too small to carry out its functions effectively. The Panel also considered how Members should be elected, and what the minimum voting age should be for Senedd elections.

The Senedd Commission consulted the people of Wales between 12 February and 6 April 2018 on the Expert Panel’s recommendations, and on other reforms to the Senedd’s electoral and operational arrangements that could make the institution a more accessible and effective legislature.

Consultation results

A full consultation report has been published, as well as a summary report and an Easy Read version.

More information is available on the main Senedd reform page.

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First published: 12/02/2018