Legislative Consent: Localism Bill

Supplementary Legislative Consent Motion:


“That the National Assembly for Wales, in accordance with Standing Order 29.6, agrees that, in addition to the provisions referred to in motions NNDM4642 and NNDM4722, those further provisions which have been brought forward in the Localism Bill relating to Tenancy Deposit Schemes and HMO licensing, in so far as they fall within the legislative competence of the National Assembly for Wales, should be considered by the UK Parliament.”




The Localism Bill has already been the subject of Legislative Consent Motions (NNDM4642 and NNDM4722) in the National Assembly, where the National Assembly gave its consent for the relevant provisions of the Bill, in so far as they fell within the competence of the National Assembly, to be considered by Parliament.


The Localism Bill is a UK Parliament Bill. More information is available from the UK Parliament website

Business type: Legislative Consent

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete