P-04-538 Involving lecturers to ensure a Further Education Inspection Framework that is fit for purpose

We believe that: 1. The inclusion of the views of lecturing staff, in the early decision making process would be of great benefit to the development of an inspection framework that is fit for purpose; 2. Due to the increased emphasis there will be on soft skills, professional input from those who understand and work with the complexities of balancing pedagogy, with the demands of students, employers and Welsh Government priorities, it would seem prudent to include those that are at the heart of delivering this agenda; 3. Education services in Wales should be seen as part of a wider family, but are concerned that the FE sector and in this case in particular, FE lecturers are rather excluded from this family and are not being afforded the professional respect that they deserve.


Additional Information: 1. As the largest Union representing Further Education lecturers in Wales, the University and College Union has been excluded from the Estyn Advisory Group that has been set up to develop the new inspection framework for Further Education Institutions in Wales; 2. The Advisory Group currently consists almost entirely of Principals or Vice Principals and representatives of Estyn; 3. The University and College Union has been excluded from being involved in the Advisory Group despite making numerous requests to Estyn to be involved.


Petition raised by: Ian Whitehead-Ross


Date Petition first considered by Committee: 11 March 2014


Number of signatures: 145


Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Assembly Business;

Status: For consideration

First published: 07/03/2014



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