P-04-417 Save Morfa Beach and Prevent the Closure of Public Footpaths 92 and 93

Petition wording:
Morfa Beach is a stretch of coastline lying between Port Talbot Steelworks and Sker Beach, adjacent to Kenfig Nature Reserve.  Access to the beach is only possible on foot or bicycle, so it has become a precious place of peace and solitude. In 2011 the community group, Save Morfa Beach (Friends of Morfa), was formed in response to a threat via TATA Steelworks seeking to discontinue access to the beach.  This includes the closure of two historically significant & well used public footpaths that lead to the beach: Footpath 92 from Longland’s Lane in Margam & Footpath 93 from Kenfig Nature reserve.

Support the campaign of the Save Morfa Beach (Friends of Morfa) organisation to preserve the rights of way along footpaths 92 and 93 & maintain access to Morfa Beach.  We ask the Welsh Assembly & Neath Port Talbot Council to preserve and maintain all rights of way on Margam Burrows, & to liaise with Tata Steel to ensure that public access to the beach is continued.

Supporting information: Whether rights of way cross private or public land, Neath & Port Talbot County Borough Council and the Welsh Assembly are ultimately responsible for ensuring they are protected, available and fit for purpose. We are therefore involved in lobbying, but as an organisation we are not party-political.A Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/SaveMorfaBeach/) has been created as the public profile of the organisation. 

Petition raised by: Save Morfa Beach (Friends of Morfa)

Date petition first considered by Committee:  2 October 2012

Number of signatures: 1191


Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Assembly Business;

Decision due: 10 Oct 2012 by Petitions Committee - Fourth Assembly



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