P-04-400 NICE Quality Standard in Mental Health

P-04-400  NICE Quality Standard in Mental Health

Petition wording:

We urge the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to adopt and implement the NICE quality standard for service user experience in adult mental health in its entirety.

We hope with this petition to put the humanity of the person as the focus of mental health.  This requires changes in the services, treatment and interventions currently used in Wales.  Following two training sessions organised by Sefyll at the Senedd to inform mental health service users of the scope and powers of the Welsh Assembly and Government, a group of us attended a further meeting with the Petitions Clerk to word this petition.  As the Welsh Government is currently reviewing the ADULT MENTAL HEALTH ACTION PLAN FOR WALES, this is an opportunity to make a difference by influencing and raising awareness of mental health issues to Assembly Members and Ministers.  The NICE Standards (2011-2013) www.nice.org.uk/guidance have been developed for the NHS and social care sectors in England – they are not applicable in Wales – but are illustrations of best practice:  Putting the service user experience at the centre of all treatment and interventions.  Making staff in mental health services accountable for their actions.  The NICE guidelines are already in practice in England.  In total there are 15 Quality Statements.  The following two are illustrations of the overall ethos and approach:  “People using mental health services, and their families and carers feel they are treated with empathy, dignity and respect”.   Quality Statement 2 “People in hospital for mental health care, including service users formally detained under the Mental Health Act, are routinely involved in shared decision making”.  Quality Statement 1.  In addition to this e-petition, a paper version is available on request.  Please contact us at the following e-mail address: MHPetition2012@gmail.com.  If you can help in any way with this campaign, please also contact us at the above email address.  To view all 15 quality standards go to: http://publications.nice.org.uk/service-user-experience-in-adult-mental-health-improving-the-experience-of-care-for-people-using-cg136/quality-statements.

Petition raised by:  Action for Mental Health

Date petition first considered by Committee:  19 June 2012

Number of signatures:  Approx  200



Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Assembly Business;



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