Register of interests

Jenny Rathbone MS

Registration of Interests and Records of Membership of Societies and the Employment of Family Members

Register of financial and other interests

1. Category 1: Directorships
Entry in respect of Name of company and nature of business
2. Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Entry in respect of Name of company, nature of post and business
Partner Member of the Advisory Board - Bute Energy (Development of wind farms in Wales and CSR activities arising from any development). The business is exploring options in Powys, RCT and North Wales but no application has been submitted to date.
3. Category 3: Names of clients
Entry in respect of Name of client and nature of client's business
4. Category 4: Gifts, hospitality, material benefit or advantage
Entry in respect of Description and person or organisation making gift
5. Category 5: Remuneration or other material benefit
Entry in respect of: Remuneration or benefit and organisation involved:
6. Category 6: Financial sponsorship
Sponsorship as candidate or Member, and amount: Sponsor and nature of business if a company:
Candidate All financial sponsorship of my 2021 election campaign was provided by Cardiff Central Constituency Labour Party.
7. Category 7: Overseas visits
Entry in respect of Date(s), destination, purpose and who met costs
8. Category 8: Land and property
Entry in respect of Nature of property and general area
Member Barn used as community centre and two acres of land, Llanfihangel GM, Conwy.
9. Category 9: Shareholdings
Entry in respect of Name of company or body, and nature of business
Member Awel Ltd, social enterprise renewable energy company
Member iShares PLC
Member Siemens AG NPV
Member Caledonia Investments PLC
Member IMPAX Environmental Mkts PLC
Member Janus Henderson Investments Gbl Sustainable Equity I Inc
Member JLEN Environmental Assets Group NPV
Member Renewables Infrastructure Group NPV
Member -
Member Astrazeneca PLC (ceased)
Member Pearson PLC
Member Reckitt Benickser Group PLC
Member Unilever PLC
Member Halma PLC
Member Aberforth Smaller Co's Trust
Member BMO Investment Funds
Member Henderson Smaller Cos Investment
Member Troy Income and Growth Trust PLC
Member Baillie Gifford
10. Category 10:Membership/Chairmanship of bodies in receipt of Senedd funds
Entry in respect of Name of Organisation and position held
Member Trustee - Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust (Management of charitable funds and disbursement of grants to charities, mainly on Merseyside) (Does not receive public funds)
Member Voluntary Trustee - Good Food Llanedeyrn (not for profit charity) (Promotion of growing and eating good food)
Member LEA Governor - St Teilo’s CiW School, Llanedeyrn

Record of membership of societies

11. Record of membership of societies
Name of club or society
Member - Welsh Fabian Society
Member - Welsh Cooperative Party
Member - UNITE the Union

Record of employment of family members with the support of Commission funds

12. Record of the employment of family members
Name of employee and relationship to MS Position, dates of employment and contracted hours