Register of interests

David Rees MS

Registration of Interests and Records of Membership of Societies and the Employment of Family Members

Register of financial and other interests

1. Category 1: Directorships
Entry in respect of Name of company and nature of business
2. Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Entry in respect of Name of company, nature of post and business
3. Category 3: Names of clients
Entry in respect of Name of client and nature of client's business
4. Category 4: Gifts, hospitality, material benefit or advantage
Entry in respect of Description and person or organisation making gift
5. Category 5: Remuneration or other material benefit
Entry in respect of: Remuneration or benefit and organisation involved:
6. Category 6: Financial sponsorship
Sponsorship as candidate or Member, and amount: Sponsor and nature of business if a company:
Member 2021 Senedd Election expenses funded by Aberavon Constituency Labour Party, including donations from Trade Unions: Community, CWU, GMB, Unite, Unison and a donation of office space from David Slee Ltd.
7. Category 7: Overseas visits
Entry in respect of Date(s), destination, purpose and who met costs
8. Category 8: Land and property
Entry in respect of Nature of property and general area
Member and spouse Residential Property in Cwmafan, Port Talbot
9. Category 9: Shareholdings
Entry in respect of Name of company or body, and nature of business
10. Category 10:Membership/Chairmanship of bodies in receipt of Senedd funds
Entry in respect of Name of Organisation and position held
Member Member - Rhondda Tunnel Society
Member Member - Bevan Foundation
Member Member - University of Swansea Court

Record of membership of societies

11. Record of membership of societies
Name of club or society
Member - Aberavon RFC
Member - Cwmafan RFC
Member - Unite the Union
Member - UNISON

Record of employment of family members with the support of Commission funds

12. Record of the employment of family members
Name of employee and relationship to MS Position, dates of employment and contracted hours
Name: Angharad Nia Thomas Capacity in which employed: Researcher and Communications Officer (part-time)
Family Member of: David Rees MS Date employment commenced: 4 February 2013
Relationship to MS: Daughter Hours contracted to work: 7 per week
- Date employment ceased: 18 June 2021