Register of interests

Jane Hutt MS

Registration of Interests and Records of Membership of Societies and the Employment of Family Members

Register of financial and other interests

1. Category 1: Directorships
Entry in respect of Name of company and nature of business
2. Category 2: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Entry in respect of Name of company, nature of post and business
Spouse Employed part-time by the Joseph Rowntree Trust (Wales Advisor) (ceased)
Spouse Employed by Cardiff University as part-time Programme Director for Wales Public Services 2025 (ceased)
Spouse Employed by Cardiff University as a part-time expert consultant for the Public Policy Institute (ceased)
Member Trustee - Vale for Africa charity (SO 4.3 - Band 1 - Less than 5 hours per week).
3. Category 3: Names of clients
Entry in respect of Name of client and nature of client's business
4. Category 4: Gifts, hospitality, material benefit or advantage
Entry in respect of Description and person or organisation making gift
5. Category 5: Remuneration or other material benefit
Entry in respect of: Remuneration or benefit and organisation involved:
6. Category 6: Financial sponsorship
Sponsorship as candidate or Member, and amount: Sponsor and nature of business if a company:
Member Election 2016 expenses met by Vale of Glamorgan Labour Party
7. Category 7: Overseas visits
Entry in respect of Date(s), destination, purpose and who met costs
8. Category 8: Land and property
Entry in respect of Nature of property and general area
9. Category 9: Shareholdings
Entry in respect of Name of company or body, and nature of business
10. Category 10:Membership/Chairmanship of bodies in receipt of Senedd funds
Entry in respect of Name of Organisation and position held
Member Member - Vale Youth Forum
Member Honorary President - Barry First Responders
Member Member - Vale People First
Member Patron - Thompson Street Estate Sensory Garden (ceased)
Member Member - Ocean Water Sports Trust, Barry
Spouse Trustee and Director - Vale of Glamorgan Music Festival
Spouse Chair, Trustee and Director - St Donats Arts Centre (Chair now ceased)
Spouse Director - 2025 Public Services - Cardiff University (ceased)
Spouse Member - National Committee of CItizens Advice Cymru (ceased)
Member Member - Atal y Fro (ceased)
Member Patron - Credit Unions Wales
Member Member - Bawso (ceased)
Member Member - Wales for Africa Health Links (ceased)
Member Patron - Wales for Africa Health Links
Spouse Honorary Senior Research Fellow - Cardiff University
Spouse Trustee and Director - Cardiff and the Vale Citizens Advice
Spouse Trustee and Director - UWC Atlantic College

Record of membership of societies

11. Record of membership of societies
Name of club or society

Record of employment of family members with the support of Commission funds

12. Record of the employment of family members
Name of employee and relationship to AM Position, dates of employment and contracted hours



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