Internal Audit reports

This page shows the decisions made by any committees looking at the matter. This might include agreeing the Terms of Reference for the inquiry or deciding to hold a public consultation on the matter.

02/08/2021 - Y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf o ran Llywodraethu a Sicrwydd

Oral item

3.1 Gareth Watts provided an oral update on progress against outstanding audit work. Fieldwork for the audit of Members’ expenses had been completed and used by Audit Wales as part of their audit of the Commission’s accounts. He would circulate a report to the Committee once completed. He would also be working on a wider asset management review as well as an audit to provide assurances required by the Chief Executive as Accounting Officer relating to the Welsh Consolidated Fund. He had also agreed with the Chair that he would present an update on the implementation of audit recommendations to the Committee at its July meeting.

3.2 The Chair invited Gareth Watts to outline his assurances in relation to the Annual Report and Accounts.  He confirmed the moderate level of assurance on governance, risk management and internal audit provided in his Annual Report and Opinion in April. He confirmed he was content from an internal audit perspective that the accounts could be signed.