P-04-482 Public noticeboards across Wales notifying the public of who all their political representatives are

This page shows the decisions made by any committees looking at the matter. This might include agreeing the Terms of Reference for the inquiry or deciding to hold a public consultation on the matter.

18/07/2013 - P-04-482 Hysbysfyrddau cyhoeddus ar draws Cymru i roi gwybod i’r cyhoedd pwy yw eu cynrychiolwyr gwleidyddol

The Committee considered correspondence on the petition and agreed to;

·         Write to the following stakeholders seeking their views on the issue:

o   WLGA;

o   One Voice Wales;

o   Electoral Commission;

o   Electoral Reform Society; and

o   Seek clarity on whether the Assembly Commission would be able to comment and if so seek their views.