Introductions, apologies and declaration of interests

This page shows the decisions made by any committees looking at the matter. This might include agreeing the Terms of Reference for the inquiry or deciding to hold a public consultation on the matter.

02/08/2021 - Cyflwyniadau, ymddiheuriadau a datgan buddiannau

1.1         The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, the main focus of which was to consider items relating to the Commission’s Annual Report and Accounts. There were no apologies. Suzy Davies was attending in her capacity as Commissioner because the new Commissioners for the Sixth Senedd had yet to be appointed.  


30/07/2021 - Minutes of 23 April, actions and matters arising

ARAC (03-21) Paper 1 – Draft Minutes of 24 April 2021

ARAC (03-21) Paper 2 – Summary of actions

2.1         The minutes of the 24 April meeting were agreed. In response to a question around the internal audit review of ICT asset management, Gareth Watts confirmed that the work had not yet been completed and that the report would be circulated out of committee. He also clarified that he would be working with the Members’ Business Support team on the scope of the remaining parts of the review and would factor in a suggestion from Suzy to include discussions with departing Members.  

2.2         The Chair noted the completion of actions in the summary table and advised that Suzy’s reflections on her membership of the Committee had been discussed with Manon.