Assembly Commission Governance

This page shows the decisions made by any committees looking at the matter. This might include agreeing the Terms of Reference for the inquiry or deciding to hold a public consultation on the matter.

29/07/2021 - Adroddiad blynyddol a datganiad llywodraethu drafft y Comisiwn ar gyfer 2020-21

ARAC (02-21) Paper 10 - Draft Annual Report and Accounts 2020-21 - cover paper

ARAC (02-21) Paper 10 – Annex A – draft Annual Report Narrative

ARAC (02-21) Paper 10 – Annex B – draft Statement of Accounts

ARAC (02-21) Paper 10 – Annex C – draft Annual Governance Statement

11.1      Arwyn Jones outlined the annual report narrative section which, as in the previous year, included a table to highlight a summary of activity and analysis of performance during the year in a concise way. Inevitably, there was a focus on how the organisation had reacted in an agile and positive way to the pandemic. The focus going forward was on embedding new ways of working into business as usual. 

11.2      In relation to the Statement of Accounts, Nia highlighted that this was presented for information on the format only at this early stage. She added that targets outlined in the 2020-21 Audit Plan had been met and that the final accounts would be ready to present formally to the Committee at the meeting on 18 June 2021.

11.3      The Committee commended the Commission on its remarkable performance during a remarkable year. Committee members commented on the length of the narrative section and its readability but acknowledged that best practice guidance had been diligently followed on its content. They also suggested consideration of an executive summary to focus on key messages and the inclusion of details on potential capital spend on the estate. They also commented that the report should be a key briefing document for the new Commissioners once appointed.

11.4      Arwyn thanked the Committee members for their constructive feedback. In terms of readability he outlined plans to making the report more interactive in future years, with better use of graphics.  In terms of the content and length of the report, Manon added that positive feedback had been received on previous reports from the Senedd’s Public Accounts and Finance Committees.

11.5      Officials agreed to consider the specific comments raised at the meeting and Committee members agreed to send detailed comments to the Clerking team by 7 May.

Action: ARAC members to send detailed comments on the draft Annual Report and Accounts to the Clerking team by 7 May.