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The Cost of Caring for an Ageing Population

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Purpose of the consultation

The Finance Committee undertook an inquiry into the cost of caring for an ageing population.

Terms of reference

The purpose of the inquiry was to assess, in the context of the major economic and strategic challenges facing the Welsh Government in its development of policy, the financial impact of the cost of caring for an ageing population:

  • To examine patterns in demand for social care services for those of pension age and the related costs of delivery of residential and non-residential care, taking account of the role of informal carers who provide unpaid services to those requiring care;
  • To examine the financial pressures on the social care system, such as increases in wages, automatic pension enrolment and staff recruitment and retention difficulties, including the related financial impacts arising from the UK leaving the European Union;
  • To consider the financial impact of current Welsh Government policies - including recent social services legislation and reforms to social care funding - on local authorities, care providers and service users;
  • To consider future social care needs and related costs, including the projected increase in the proportion of the population of Wales of pension age;
  • To assess the fiscal levers available to the Welsh Government to reform the arrangements for funding social care.  This will include the consideration of alternative models, including international examples, for the funding of social care to ensure a good quality, fair and sustainable service in a time of increasing demands on the health and social care systems; and
  • To consider the findings and conclusions of the Parliamentary Review.


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