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The Welsh Government's plan for transforming and modernising planned care and reducing waiting lists

Response to the consultation

Evidence submitted in response to this Consultation

Purpose of the consultation


As part of its inquiry into the impact of the waiting times backlog on people in Wales who are waiting for diagnosis or treatment, the Health and Social Care Committee is seeking written evidence from health and social care stakeholders on the plan for transforming and modernising planned care and reducing waiting lists published by the Welsh Government on 26 April 2022.


The Committee is seeking views on the following matters:


>>>Whether the plan will be sufficient to address the backlogs in routine care that have built up during the pandemic, and reduce long waits.

>>>Whether the plan strikes the right balance between tackling the current backlog, and building a more resilient and sustainable health and social care system for the long term?

>>>Whether the plan includes sufficient focus on:


***Ensuring that people who have health needs come forward;

***Supporting people who are waiting a long time for treatment, managing their expectations, and preparing them for receiving the care for which they are waiting, including supported self-management;

***Meeting the needs of those with the greatest clinical needs, and those who have been waiting a long time;

***Improving patient outcomes and their experience of NHS services?


>>>Whether the plan provides sufficient leadership and national direction to drive collective effort, collaboration and innovation-sharing at local, regional and national levels across the entire health and social care system (including mental health, primary care and community care)?

>>>Whether the plan provides sufficient clarity about who is responsible for driving transformation, especially in the development of new and/or regional treatment and diagnostic services and modernising planned care services?

>>>Are the targets and timescales in the plan sufficiently detailed, measurable, realistic and achievable?

>>>Is it sufficiently clear which specialties will be prioritised/included in the targets?

>>>Do you anticipate any variation across health boards in the achievement of the targets by specialty?

>>>Is there sufficient revenue and capital funding in place to deliver the plan, including investing in and expanding infrastructure and estates where needed to ensure that service capacity meets demand?

>>>Is the plan sufficiently clear on how additional funding for the transformation of planned care should be used to greatest effect, and how its use and impact will be tracked and reported on?

>>>Does the plan adequately address health and social care workforce pressures, including retention, recruitment, and supporting staff to work flexibly, develop their skills and recover from the trauma of the pandemic?

>>>Is there sufficient clarity about how digital tools and data will be developed and used to drive service delivery and more efficient management of waiting times?



The closing date for submissions is Friday 10 June 2022.


Along with your submission, you should provide the following information:


>>>Your name and contact details as the person, or organisation, submitting the evidence.

>>>Whether your evidence is submitted as an individual, or on behalf of an organisation.

>>>If you are submitting evidence as an individual, confirmation that you are over 18 years old.

>>>If you are under 13 years old, your parent or guardian’s agreement that you can participate (this can be provided via email).

>>>Confirmation of whether you would prefer that your name is not published alongside your evidence (names of individuals under 18 years old will not be published).

>>>Confirmation of whether you would like the committee to treat any or all of your written evidence as confidential, with reasons for the request.

>>>If you have referred to a third party in your evidence, such as a parent, spouse or relative, confirmation that they have agreed that you can share information that may be used to identify them and that they understand that it will be published.



How to share your views

To share your views electronically, please send to, or by post to:


Health and Social Care Committee,

Welsh Parliament,


CF99 1SN


Providing Written Evidence

The Senedd has two official languages, Welsh and English.


In line with the Senedd’s Official Languages Scheme the Committee requests that documents or written responses to consultations intended for publication or use in Senedd proceedings are submitted bilingually. When documents or written responses are not submitted bilingually, we will publish in the language submitted, stating that it has been received in that language only.


We expect other organisations to implement their own standards or schemes and to comply with their statutory obligation.


Please see guidance for those providing evidence for committees.


Disclosure of information

Please ensure that you have considered the Senedd’s policy on disclosure of information before submitting information to the Committee.

Supporting documents

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Health and Social Care Committee
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

Telephone: 0300 200 6565