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Degree Apprenticeships

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Purpose of the consultation

The Committee would welcome your views on any or all of the issues covered in the terms of reference, and in particular on the following questions:

·         Have any issues become apparent during the rollout of degree apprentices and what lessons can be learnt from their introduction?

·         Was the process and criteria used for approving proposals from providers to deliver degree apprenticeships satisfactory?

·         What are your views on the demand for degree apprenticeships and how that demand should be managed, both in terms of the range of frameworks and demand from employers and learners?

·          To what extent should activity aimed at widening access feature in degree apprenticeship recruitment, and how can this be used to ensure that cohorts are representative?

·         Do you have any comments on the cost of degree apprenticeships, how degree apprenticeships are funded and the level of funding committed to them?

·         How has the degree apprenticeship pilot impacted on other level apprenticeships, if at all?

·         Should any aspect of the approach to delivering degree apprenticeships change and if so, what should be the future direction?

The deadline for submissions to this inquiry is 23 January 2020.

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